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Wild modern home has 9 vegetated roof terraces

This is how you do urban farming

While Vietnam is no stranger to radical vertical homes, this contemporary home in city of Ha Tinh certainly stands out—after all, the house manages to spread nine vegetated terraces over three breezy stories. Indeed, described by H&P Architects as “agritecture” (that is, a combination of architecture and agriculture), the house seeks to merge residential spaces with sustainable urban farming.

Taking green roofs to the literal next level, the nine concrete terraces all contain natural greenery that acts as a buffer for dust, noise, and heat, and are watered by an integrated irrigation system. Once you get up to the terraces via an entryway on the top floor, each level can be accessed with a small ladder. Inside, sunlight funnels in through the glazed gaps between each terrace, hitting everything from the ground level central living area to the upper level workshop and bedrooms.

Via: Designboom