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This tiny cabin perches precariously on the Slovenian Alps

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Would you stay here?

Remember this little prefab guy offering shelter on Skuta Mountain in the Kamnik Alps? Here’s another one by the same company, OFIS Arhitekti, located this time on Mount Kanin, and even more impressively perched on a rocky ledge. Called the Kanin Winter Cabin, the petite structure measures 9.7-square-meters, or about 104 square feet, and features a narrow floor plan and walls constructed from cross-laminated timber, glass, and aluminum panels.

Built in collaboration with local structural engineers CBD on the Slovenian-Italian border to withstand extreme weather conditions like record snowfalls, rain, and high winds, the cabin literally cantilevers off a cliff, resembling a whale mid-breach. It was airlifted and placed on the mountain by the Slovenian army and is tethered by cables.

Though it seems extreme, this placement is intentional: “The challenge is to install real objects on remote sites and study their response to extreme weather, radical temperature shifts, snow and rugged terrain,” the studio told Dezeen. “The harsh conditions of wind, snow, landslides, terrain, and weather require a response of specific architectural forms, structures and concept."

Providing shelter for up to nine mountaineers, the cabin offers three “resting platforms” that face an expansive window that opens up to the valley as well as to views of Triglav, Soca Valley and Adriatic sea, and a minimal interior of timber-lined walls. Take a look below. Would you stay here?

Via: Dezeen