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Modular furniture is also a puzzle, and a picture frame

Inspired by the mountains, cities, and the sea

Taking the concept of modular furniture to another level, Seoul-based studio Craft Combine has created a series of three sets of sculptural furniture pieces whose components come apart and can be assembled like a puzzle in a frame—which in turn can be hung as art.

Each table was inspired by the mountains, sea, and cities, respectively, and feature the following corresponding materials: Wood, stone, and felt for “Mountain;” aluminum and glass for “Sea;” and brass and acrylic for “City.” The flat segments are done in abstract, graphic shapes that call to mind the waves of water, for instance, or the jagged rocks of a mountain, or the sleek surfaces of a skyscraper.

Piece Furniture Series, as it’s called, creates a whimsical system of interconnected slabs that transform into surprising works that are simultaneously functional and decorative. Take a look below.

Via: Design Milk