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Trump’s election sends U.S. construction stocks soaring


On Tuesday night, as a Donald Trump presidency looked ever more likely, major global markets tumbled as investors reacted to a result many did not see coming. In the days since, markets have more or less stabilized—at least for now—and one sector has actually soared. Indeed, U.S. construction companies, in anticipation of Trump’s big infrastructure promises, saw stocks rise to record heights.

As Market Watch details, Vulcan Materials, maker of cement, asphalt mix, crushed stone and gravel, saw a 10 percent rise on Wednesday, the biggest one-day increase since the stock debuted in 1972. Another aggregate material producer, Martin Marietta Materials, also posted a 12 percent gain Wednesday, the largest since going public in 1994. US Concrete, Granite Construction, and more also saw significant jumps. American multinational engineering firm Aecom felt the enthusiasm as well, rising 13 percent, Global Construction Review points out.

Most of these stocks appear to have peaked for the moment, but needless to say, it seems everyone is itching to see what President Trump will build, whether it’d be highways, airports, or a certain large wall.

Via: Market Watch, Global Construction Review