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Donald Trump’s White House: 7 ideas for subdued gold decor

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The incoming president can modify everything from furniture to flooring

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This week, real-estate-developer-turned-reality-star-turned-unlikely-and-contentious-presidential-candidate Donald Trump managed to win the election, in a result that’s stunned many. While we can’t know for sure yet what a Trump presidency will mean for everything from infrastructure to the environment (though there are plenty of predictions already), we do know that come January, the President-elect will be moving into the White House—and he, along with future First Lady Melania, will be given almost free rein over the interior decor of the living quarters. Indeed, according to a White House Historical Association spokesperson, the President can make changes to furniture, artwork, wall coverings, flooring, and more.

If his extravagant Manhattan penthouse is any indication, Trump has an affinity for all things gilded and ornate. Curiously enough, however, back in 2015, he told People: “If I were elected, I would maybe touch it up a little bit, but the White House is a special place.” Well, President-elect, believe it or not, there are ways to do gold with a light hand. Here are some ideas.