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Honeycomb-shaped urban garden may inspire you to create your own

Now this is how you design a green public space

If you’re looking for ways to make your city a better place for all residents, here’s a dynamic public garden to inspire your efforts. Called Zighizaghi, the bi-level space is located off a street in Favara, Italy and is made up of interlocking, hexagonal plywood platforms that create a honeycomb pattern and also incorporate planters of various sizes filled with vegetation. Interspersed throughout are sculptural red prisms on stilts that are both lights and loudspeakers.

Designed by OFL Architecture in collaboration with furniture brand Milia Shop, the miniature urban oasis is also sustainable, as it comes with a built-in irrigation system. Six-sided stools and makeshift steps offer plenty of space to take a short break and enjoy the scenes of the bustling street—and listen to some music, too.

Via: Designboom