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Rent this surprisingly sophisticated former bunker for your next holiday

The former World War II air raid shelter was built in 1939

If you’re still a little wary about going full-safe-house, even if the dwelling is only partially underground, why not try a rental in a former bunker? Located inside a 1939-built, World War II air raid shelter in Hamburg, Germany, the sleek one-bedroom apartment is merely a bunker in name—the building is called, quite literally (and unimaginatively), “Bunker”—though it still boasts concrete walls that are up to four meters, or about 13 feet!, thick.

Architects at Stephen Williams Associates helmed the building’s renovation by starting with its basic structure then carving out lofts on each floor. Floor-to-ceiling windows were added to let natural light in. The result is a cool, stark space with polished floors, rough hewn walls accented with marble, wood, and bronze details, and designer furnishings. The apartment is available to rent through Welcome Beyond, but other units in the building are also available for purchase.

Via: The Spaces