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Scottish island resort is being raffled off for $75 a ticket

Proceeds go to charity

If you didn’t have enough cash on hand to buy that $2.4 million Scottish island a few weeks back, here’s a far more affordable chance to live on a bonny Scottish isle. The owners of a seven-acre resort on the island of Arran—just a 55-minute ferry ride away from mainland Scotland—are raffling it off for $75 per ticket.

The owners of the Balmichael Centre resort got the idea for raffling it off after hearing about a family that gave away their Micronesian island in a raffle this past summer. The proceeds from the raffle are being donated to Boots on the Ground, a disaster relief nonprofit.

The property is currently valued at $1.89 million (£1.5 million) and includes a house with a view of the beach, retail spaces, a 42-seat movie theater, coffee shop, gym, ice rink, and a “climby-jumpy-thingy.”

The competition states that you don’t have to be a U.K. resident in order to win, and you’ll own the property free and clear.

Since the winning ticket won’t be chosen until June 2017, there’s plenty of time to work out how you’d use the resort—live there, sell it, or put it on Airbnb.

Via: The Spaces