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Plumen’s modular kit allows you to customize a chandelier

A simple upgrade from pendant lighting

Chandeliers don’t have to be ornate, made-of-crystal affairs. In fact, they can swing the opposite way and be minimalist and industrial. But if a many-armed light fixture is not your thing, yet you crave something a little more dramatic than a simple pendant, then Plumen’s modular chandelier may be a good place to start.

The London-based, low-energy lighting company has launched a kit that allows consumers to customize and build their own chandeliers using a set of spacer rods (available in black, brass, copper, and white finishes) that can be configured into a triangular or square frame and hold either three or four pendant lights. The spacers come in different lengths and can be attached at varying angles to create a chandelier with lightbulbs suspended at various heights. The kit does not require hooks and instead attaches to the ceiling via a ceiling rose, which can accommodate any Plumen bulb and shade.

According to Plumen co-founder Nicolas Roope, "The spacers add the option to create coordinated chandeliers [and] turn our individual pendant lights into impressive architectural compositions."

Via: Dezeen