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Oversized roof shields this Modernist-inspired home from downpours

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Located an hour out from Auckland, New Zealand, this new-build by Melbourne-based studio MRTN is a nod to early modernism in the country, a reference perhaps immediately grasped in the flat, low-slung roof and warm wooden materials. Aptly named “House Under Eaves,” the house has an exaggerated roof overhang that offers protection against frequent downpour in the area as well as a sense of retreat from the street.

The understated charm of the cedar-clad exterior extends inside, where subdued wooden paneling, exposed brick, cabinetry, and glass delineate separate spaces while adhering to one very Zen palette of materials. As one moves from the front of the home to the back, the largely enclosed front garage and guest bedrooms give way to much breezier living, dining rooms and kitchen, where the ceilings are a bit higher and generous windows and doors bring in the rear garden—complete with bench seating, a patio, and all.

Via: Designboom