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Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick team up again to design Google’s London headquarters

Ingelswick work well together, apparently!

Looks like the Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick tag team is working out: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has announced that BIG and Heatherwick Studios will continue their collaboration to build another Google headquarters, this time in London’s King’s Cross.

If the Dynamic Duo’s Mountain View extension is any indication, the ten story, 650,000-square-foot project promises to be, at the very least, “interesting.” In a statement, Ingelswick (nickname courtesy of British architecture critic Oliver Wainwright) shared:

From the beginning, the project to give Google a new home in King's Cross has been extraordinary. Rather than impose a universal style on Google’s buildings in the U.K. and the U.S.A., we have tried to create an interestingness that fits the scale and the community of King’s Cross. The Silicon Valley startup garage meets the London train sheds in a building that couples clarity with eccentricity and anchors innovation with heritage.

It will be the first wholly-owned and Google-designed building outside of the U.S. and will be a part of the tech giant’s growing 67-acre campus, which expects to eventually accommodate 7,000 employees across three offices spanning over one million square feet.