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This transforming foam couch is truly ‘no assembly required’

For the kid in all of us

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The transforming furniture trend has gone kid-friendly in Nugget, a four-piece reconfigurable couch made entirely of foam (that’s code for virtually unbreakable.) Born of a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, Nugget was conceived as the “easiest couch ever.” And with pieces held together by friction alone—rather than screws, bolts, or glue—it may very well be.

Much like all the startups that have made “mattress in a box” a new norm, Nugget ships its product in a relatively compact box, and the couch pops right out and expands to full size in your home.

The concept is as simple as it gets: For $229, you get the four microsuede pieces: two cushy triangle “pillows” each offering a 120-degree recline, a springy “mattress” cushion, and a firmer “base” layer. While these terms seem to describe a bed or futon, the Nugget can be rearranged into anything from a lounger to play forts. Each piece can also be configured one of ten colors, making for thousands of bright combinations.

Though Nugget was designed for both kids and adults (and at least one customer has purchased six sets to furnish a whole media room), the product no doubt seems made for playroom paradise. Here’s a few other ideas for how they can be used, as seen on Instagram.

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According to Nugget creative director Ryan Cocca, the four-piece couch, which recently just hit Wayfair, will be the North Carolina startup’s flagship product for a while. But future plans include tackling some “other forgotten pieces of furniture,” such as the papasan chair, as well as making individual Nugget pieces available for purchase separately.