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Designer Max Lamb brings opulence to new Acne Studios store

It’s the Swedish fashion retailer’s third New York City store

Stockholm-based fashion brand Acne Studios recently set up shop on Upper East Side’s Madison Avenue, replete with gold accents, sculptural furniture and colorful rugs from British designer Max Lamb.

Lamb collaborated with Acne's creative director Jonny Johansson for this store’s interior design, which is all about gilded luxury (in stark contrast to their West Village store). Gold is the primary focus here: gold colored shelves, rails and partitions line the space. Along with the golden tone are metal interior walls, black asphalt floors and pillars decorated with semi-precious stones.

"For me, it was important to elevate the store design into something spectacular, since the location demands it in a way," said Johansson. “Classic, but still in the universe of Acne Studios. It's like a local store on a global stage."

Lamb brought his touch by creating a set of bronze furniture to help adorn the space. He also fashioned some hand-dyed blue rugs, which were crafted at Lamb’s London studio, to bring a pop of color.

This is the third New York City location—the largest of all three— and will be Acne’s global flagship store.