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Rad coworking space is half-industrial, half-Tron

Making the unsightly the main attraction

We’ve seen plenty of new coworking spaces pop up this year, and this one just completed in Bangkok, Thailand falls right in line with the coolest of them. To start, one just can’t help but stare into the expanse of trippy, turquoise lines that seem to zoom across the concrete walls.

Indeed, rather than find ways to work around the mechanical and electrical lines already needed for functional reasons, local firm Supermachine Studio decided to integrate them right into the interior design, creating a Tron-style wired world that visually connects the first and second floors.

Spreading over 10,645 square feet, this co-working space is actually more like a “co-making space.” In addition to familiar cafe-style work areas, there’s also a pottery studio, photography dark room, screening rooms, and more.

Via: Freshome