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Construction giant Skanska will use drones and big data to improve safety on site

A machine-learning platform will analyze visual and sound data from construction sites

Real estate is having its Big Data moment. There’s the new MIT lab experimenting with data-driven cities, Chicago’s rollout of sensors generating block-by-block data, and now one of the world’s biggest construction companies, Skanska, will begin leveraging data at construction sites.

Skanska USA is partnering with, a data-analysis company that uses machine-learning to pull information out of photos, videos, and voice recordings. Skanska plans on deploying this technology in a pilot program across a number of construction sites. Smartvid’s applications will analyze images, video, and sounds captured by work site drones, smartphones, and equipment in order to identify safety, productivity, and quality issues before they become massive problems.

The collaboration is a part of Skanska’s Innovation Grant Program, which helps to cultivate new technologies for construction applications.

“After preliminary trials together, we’re excited to collaborate with Skanska to take the implementation of the platform to the next phase with more project sites taking advantage of the tool,” said Founder & CEO, Josh Kanner in a statement.

“In results from Skanska projects, we’ve already seen benefits from analytics of field photo and video data, whether from UAVs (drones) or the mobile devices of field personnel.”

Via: Construction Dive