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Homepolish’s new online shop solves the mid-priced furniture dilemma

The interior design service has a go at multi-brand retail

Homepolish, the interior design service launched by Noa Santos in 2012, has opened its own furniture and decor e-shop, and it’s stocking a really decent range of statement pieces that don’t feel tired. H Marketplace, as it’s called, plans to focus on unique pieces and emerging brands, with more than 30 vendors on board at launch.

Shopping online for home goods—particularly in that after-Ikea-but-before-high-end phase—can be a soul-draining task. A contributing issue is that popular styles are so ceaselessly repeated that, visually, they no longer mean anything, like that West Elm couch you’ve seen on 100 blogs, or the Eames knockoffs that span price points.

The product is perfectly fine, but your eye becomes numb to the design, and welcoming such pieces into your home feels more like an exhausted surrender or an exercise in problem solving than a cherished expression of personal style.

H Marketplace aims to fill this mid-range void. Stylistically, the selection manages to cover a number of tastes while still feeling cohesive, ranging from directional light fixtures and minimalist framed prints to hand-woven baskets and shibori accent pillows.

Prices start at $150 and top out at $5,000, comparable to CB2 on the lower end and Room&Board on the higher end, but offering styles you haven’t seen ad nauseam.