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India’s getting its first “smart city”

Nagpur will get tricked out with high-tech fiber networks, wifi, and connected cameras

The largest city in central India, Nagpur, will become the country’s first “smart city”—outfitted with all kinds of technological infrastructure including 745 miles of fiber network cables, 136 Wifi hotspots, 100 interactive kiosks, and a state-of-the-art surveillance system with 3,800 networked cameras. A nearly 4-mile stretch of the town will also have internet-connected lighting, transit, parking, trashcans, and more.

While other cities in India have some connected and intelligent infrastructure incorporated already, Nagpur’s improvements will be the first large-scale project of its kind in the country. The Indian firm Larsen & Toubro was been selected to execute the Nagpur project.

Launched last year, India’s Smart Cities Mission is aimed at advancing economic and social opportunities through connected infrastructure, services, and “smart” solutions ranging from clean water to multi-modal transit options, with a goal of developing over 100 “smart cities” across the country.

Via: Global Construction Review