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Brutalist beauty: Inside a couple’s gorgeous Mexico City home

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The ‘Pedro Reyes House’ eschews coziness in favor of being drop-dead gorgeous

Scrolling through design blogs and flipping through the pages of magazines, it’s hard to deny that Brutalism is having a second heyday (even the New York Times is on it). Sure, Boston City Hall and other divisive icons of the Brutalist movement still have their sworn enemies, but advocates for preserving works that exemplify the style seem to have a new ally in the culture at large.

It helps that Brutalism—especially Brutalism deployed at a human, rather than gargantuan, scale—can be so damned beautiful. Case in point: the two-story live-work residence of Mexico City artist-and-fashion designer couple Pedro Reyes and Carla Fernandez, and their two children.

Inspired by the monumental forms of Aztec pyramids and the elemental beauty and bright colors of Luis Barragán’s designs, Reyes and Fernandez’s stunning home—which bares its poured-concrete structure and whose floors are paved with dark, rough-cut stone—has notes of Le Corbusier and a hint of Tadao Ando, too.

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Via: Dezeen