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Affordable prefab cabin Dubldom now accepting U.S. pre-orders

Keeping it simple

gabled prefab cabin
DublDoms come with lots of veranda options.
All photos by Ivan Ovchinnikov via Architizer

One of the coolest, most affordable prefab homes we know is the DublDom series from Moscow-based firm Bio Architects, headed up by architect Ivan Ovchinnikov. The simple modern cabins range from a 280-square-foot studio (bathroom and kitchen, included) to a 1,400-square-foot three-bedroom dwelling, with prices going for around $23,000 for the smallest model up to $100,000 for the largest. And now, after operating only in Russia for the most part, DublDom has started taking pre-orders for the United States and Europe.

Below are photos of a recently completed DublDom 2.65-01, one of a series of new layouts the company has added. Erected in what is set to become an eco-park filled with modular homes in Tula Oblast, Russia, the roughly 700-square-foot, $50,000 build was assembled in seven days on site. Clad in black metal and larch, the home maximizes open spaces with large windows and verandas bringing in the natural landscape.

Via: Architizer, DublDom