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Prefab home in Japan makes surprising use of windows

A lot of geometries here

This cool, minimalist prefab home in Kyoto, Japan makes surprising use of windows. Designed by EXH and Anoffice, it features an exterior made from same materials as the other houses in the neighborhood, but to stand out from the crowd, it is finished in a darker hue and punctuated by large glazed sections that allow light to flood the rooms.

Constructed on a narrow corner plot, the three-story home is topped by a gabled roof whose overhangs are repeated at each floor on the shorter end of the structure, creating the sense that the home has been sliced down the middle. The outline of a second roof, jutting out ever so slightly on the second floor, makes an impression as well. The geometric windows that appear to be randomly placed actually serve to open up the home to the outside, establishing a connection to the public.

The interiors are spare and are done up in raw plywood, which not only lines the floors and portions of the walls, but also serves to divide the spaces into private and communal realms.

Via: Architizer