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Designer John Pawson's minimalist home and studio, laid bare

A new magazine spread about the English designer’s home and office proves Pawson walks the minimalist walk

Designer and architect John Pawson’s earned a rep for the kinds of pared-down, minimalist spaces that even Marie Kondo herself may find a bit too sparse. But Pawson’s enduring popularity spawns from this very ascetic philosophy, which has informed his work on a dreamy escape in the Welsh countryside to private residences in the Hamptons and in Japan.

So, with clients, Pawson talks the minimalism talk, but the question lingered: does Pawson live minimally, too? Wonder no more! A new spread in PORT magazine takes readers inside Pawson’s sparsely appointed home in the English capital’s Notting Hill neighborhood (of, yes, Julia Roberts rom-com fame) and his studio in King’s Cross, London.

In an interview with PORT, Pawson details the roots of the gorgeously monastic look for which he’s become known (a stint in Japan helped), and talks about his work on the soon-to-open new home for the Design Museum in London. Check it out.

Via: Designboom