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This desk was designed for the multi-tasker

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A standing desk for your home

Living room setup showing a standing desk.
The Flex desk adapts to all your table needs.
Photos courtesy of NextDesk

Although it looks like an ordinary office desk, the Flex can be so many more things: A coffee table on which to prop your feet while watching TV on the couch, a spot to enjoy a quick meal, or a cocktail table on which to set down a drink. That’s because it’s equipped with a high-tech, microprocessor-controlled lift system that raises and lowers the desk to over 200 different positions with a touch of a button. And because it’s powered by a compact lithium-ion battery, there’s no pesky cord to deal with. Best of all, you can plop it down in any part of the house.

Designed with busy multi-taskers in mind who want to get the most out of their furniture and living space, the Flex by NextDesk adapts to your needs—whether that is to have a multi-purpose table, or a multi-purpose room. Raise the table to standing height, and any room turns into a workspace. Lower it to chair level, and now it’s a surface on which to draw, dine, play cards, or do any number of activities.

The Flex features a low, sturdy base, cantilevered top, and an offset column that contains (and conceal) the motors. The desk comes in a light, medium, or dark bamboo finish, and the powder-coated metal components in black, white, or clear gloss powder. Models begin at $599.