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The Burj Khalifa’s facade gets mesmerizing LED light show

‘Ascension’ takes you on a journey from the center of the earth and beyond

Video via Vimeo

As if it were even possible for the world’s tallest building to impress even further, an LED light show by London-based Yusuke Murakami and Tangent Design and Invention illuminated and animated the towering facade of the Burj Khalifa during Dubai Design Week last month.

Titled “Ascension,” the show is, according to Murakami, “a rhythmical journey from the core of the earth to the universe.” The animation begins with lava, which ascends the skyscraper, breaking through multiple layers of the earth until it finally reaches the sky, enhancing the structure’s dizzying heights and the mesmerizing infinity of space beyond it.

Patterns of red light snake up and down the structure then transform to bold geometric shapes in an array of colors, followed by aqua cell-like forms that trickle down the side of the 2,722-feet tall complex. Other patterns suggest the crags of the mountain, the vastness of the desert, or the speedways of an urban center.

Via: Designboom