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Twin tiny dwellings form airy live-work retreat

Two’s a party

Small living goes utilitarian in this pair of “Zen Houses” by Petr Stolín Architekt in Czech Republic. To keep the project low-budget, the two-story, roughly 10-foot-wide volumes were built with a simple palette of materials, including wood, chipboard, metal, rubber, and acrylic panels. This frugality comes through visually, as the translucent cladding reveals the structures’ timber framing.

Like night and day, one volume is finished in black and creates an intimate living space, while the other is finished in white and contains a bright studio with a mezzanine work desk. Giant windows on each bring in fantastic light and rural views. On the exterior, a small platform connects the twin structures and encloses a courtyard-like garden for outdoor lounging and entertaining. It’s all pretty charming.

Via: Designboom