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10 cozy, comfy rooms to inspire your holiday gathering

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From living rooms to covered porches

With Thanksgiving and the winter holidays fast approaching, togetherness and closeness is what we strive for, whether it’s with friends, family, or a larger community. A cozy nook or a warm atmosphere can bring people together in a physical sense and enhance the experience, even if space is tight. In fact, limited square footage can create special pockets of intimacy that facilitate conversation and promote the festive spirit.

For those looking to rearrange a room or simply snuggle up an alcove or corner, here are a few choice bedrooms, living areas, and patios from our House Calls series to inspire your holiday gatherings. An extra cushion, or an armchair pulled just an inch closer to the coffee table, will do the trick. And don’t forget what interior designer Rita Konig said: There should always be a place to set a drink wherever there’s a seat.

Living Rooms

Patios, Sun Rooms, and Gardens