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Pinocchio gets his own fantastical museum in Seoul

The latest from Korean provocateur Moon Hoon

South Korean architect and provocateur Moon Hoon is at it again, this time designing a museum dedicated to all things Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who dreams of becoming a real boy.

Located in northeastern Seoul, Pino Familia comprises three curvilinear buildings clad in metal, a pool with elevated train tracks, and courtyards. The main, globular structure, which is named Wave and Whale, is arranged around an open courtyard and holds the museum. The second building, called Whale Tale, resembles, well, a whale and its tail, and contains a gallery of other characters that appear in Pinocchio’s adventures.

The third one, named the Nose Fountain, is quite literal: Shaped like a pill, the three-story features two platforms on either side meant to resemble ears, as well as a long metal tube meant to be Pinocchio’s elongating nose. Water spouts out of it and into the pond below. This space houses a cafeteria, museum shop, and workshops.

Pino Familia sits at the edge of a forest and the boundaries of the city, making it a fantastical place to visit—especially considering the giant dolls on the property. Have a look below.

Via: Dezeen