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Old farmhouse revived into modern courtyard home and studio

The result is a sensitively designed live-work space

When it comes to residential conversions, lofts seem to get all the glory. And we agree: post-industrial spaces are cool (the Internet does love a good loft), but the tug of a barn or farmhouse’s old bones keeps us—and architects the world over—coming back to the building type.

In the Netherlands, Dutch architect Jeanne Dekkers transformed a brick farmhouse in the town of Banholt, which lies about two-and-a-half hours south of Amsterdam by car. Though the compound originally had a more common L-shaped plan, Dekkers converted a shed into a studio for the client, creating a central courtyard around which each structure is organized.

In deference to the original structure’s brick, Dekkers used a subtle, horizontally slatted spruce cladding for an addition. And inside, the polished-concrete floors and timber accents—including for two twisting corkscrew staircases and framing around several broad windows—merge old-school barn design with a more modern vibe. Take a look.

Via: Dezeen