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Sleek A-frame retreat offers gorgeous lakeside views

Not your grandparents’ A-frame

We love a good A-frame for its off-kilter vibes and simple, fun construction, which is why we’re drawn to this one in Quebec that manages to be all of the above—in addition to being stylish and modern. Designed by Montreal-based La SHED Architecture, the lake-side home overlooks an idyllic lake in the Laurentians with a wall of windows that opens onto an elevated porch that extends the main living area outward.

Though the facade is painted a metallic black, the interiors are clad in white wood, creating a bright an airy double-height space that incorporates an open-plan living and kitchen area, and an enclosed box comprising the private spaces toward the front of the residence.

The two-story timber structure holds the master bedroom on the first floor and an additional lofted space above it—to be used as a bedroom or study—featuring a metal grated railing. This side of the house employs smaller windows in order to preserve the privacy of the residents. Have a look around.

Via: Designboom