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Self-watering planter makes it easy to have a green thumb

Never guess how much water your plant needs ever again

Instructions for taking care of houseplants can be frustratingly abstract: “Keep in a sun-filled room but out of direct sunlight,” they might read. “Water sparingly,” they might command. Or, the opposite: “Water regularly during the growing season.” How much constitutes “sparingly,” and how much is “regularly?” Or, when, exactly, is the growing season?

Instead of going through trial-and-error to figure out exactly what your plant needs—which often leads to killing it—you might want to try this self-watering planter by Studio Lorier. Handcrafted in the Netherlands, The Natural Balance, as it’s called, features a reservoir that holds up to 24 fluid ounces of water that can feed the plant through a permeable barrier—and only when the plant requires it—for up to 28 days.

The reservoir is located on the inner side of the pot and balances the plant upright when full. As the soil gradually absorbs the water over a series of days or weeks, the water level goes down, eventually causing the pot to tip slightly. This signals that the reservoir needs a refill. Six inches wide and available in cool grey, pastel pink, and mint green, The Natural Balance, now fundraising on Kickstarter and shipping in April, can accommodate small, medium, and tall plants. It costs €39, or approximately $41.

Via: Fast Co. Design

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