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The Obamas’ final White House holiday decorations, revealed

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Spoiler: yarn pom-pom replicas of Bo and Sunny

The Obamas’ time in the White House is winding down, but not before one more Christmas, and one last holiday decor reveal. This morning, First Lady Michelle Obama hosted a preview of this year’s decorations for military families and the media at the White House, and there was plenty to see.

While last year’s White House got a makeover from fashion designers, this year’s White House takes on the theme of “The Gift of the Holidays,” emphasizing, per a press release, “the true gifts of life, such as service, friends and family, education, and good health.” The decor was mostly designed by Rafanelli Events and wholly executed by volunteers. And it’s almost entirely repurposed—only 10 percent of the setup incorporates new products and designs.

Highlights include: 56 Lego gingerbread houses (one for each state and territory), return of the White House Gingerbread House, larger-than-life replicas of Bo and Sunny made of yarn pom-poms, thousands of colorful ribbons hanging with crystal ornaments, wreaths made of fruits, and, of course, the official White House Christmas Tree, a 19-foot Douglas Fir with ornaments donated from around the country and overseas.

Take a closer look, below.

Via: The White House [PDF]

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