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Ultimate island party pad combines concrete and bamboo

It’s on the Spanish island of Ibiza, natch

Whether you’re into it or not, concrete is having a real resurgence, especially in the world of residential architecture. Thank (or blame, we guess, depending on your position on the building material) renewed interest in Brutalism and the likes of Le Corbusier and the Smithsons—or, perhaps, a general fatigue with all things glass. A shift in style is clearly afoot.

Case in point? This eye-popper of a holiday home on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Designed by Italian architecture studio Metroarea, the partially submerged, three-level, seven-bedroom house is a novel combination of board-formed-concrete (the main structure) and bamboo (strips of which form shutter-like vertical slats on broad, free-form windows).

Cascading down a sloping site, the house forgoes the right angles and glazed expanses so typical of luxury vacation homes these days in favor of something that seems more elemental, with concrete interior and exterior spaces connected via stone-paved paths, walkways, and terraces.

In many ways, it seems the ultimate place to throw a massive party: a spacious open-plan living room includes sweeping views of the surrounding land, while an infinity pool and spa on site are both sure to keep guests happy. Take a closer look over at Designboom.

Via: Designboom