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Sculptural mountain church is a riff on tradition in Mexico

It looks a bit like folded origami

Illuminated by sunlight, the outline of an ethereal cross hovers above the newly completed altar of Parish Church in Monterrey, Mexico. Designed by Moneo Brock Studio, the airy building is both meditative and thoroughly modern.

From the outside, the structure’s white geometric volumes look like folded paper supported on a plinth of stone. Inside, the 350-seat sanctuary opens directly onto an outdoor plaza through a set of sliding screens that can be moved out of the way, creating an unobstructed 38-foot-wide entry.

More traditional elements like the 141-foot-tall bell tower and elaborate stained glass windows were inspired by early Christian church architecture.

The building’s design also incorporates natural ventilation techniques using the tower as a chimney, drawing warm air out from the interior. Thick insulating walls were intended to reflect heat in the summer while keeping the interior cool. Acoustic engineers at Arau Asociados outfitted the nave and chapels with wooden battens to absorb and diffuse sound.

The church’s wood benches, altar, screens, doors, and stained glass windows were all custom-designed by Moneo Brock. See the full gallery here.

Via: World Architecture