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New data tool for county-based stats is surprisingly addictive

How does your county’s income, jobs, water use, and obesity rates compare to the country’s other 3,142?

If county rivalries aren’t already a thing, the new County Benchmarking Engine from data company OnlyBoth could ignite some serious competition. The tech startup used artificial intelligence to leverage 175,211 data insights from federal and public sources and categorized them according to 104 different county attributes.

Everything from religious affiliations to obesity rates and crime data is churned up by the web app. The Engine works like a natural fun-fact generator, dredging up odd stats such as that Brooklyn has a dearth of veterans and a wealth of Europeans—Kings County, NY has the 2nd-fewest residents who are veterans (2.4 percent) among all 3,143 counties nationwide (the national average is 10.2 percent), and the highest number of residents who were born in Europe.

Which county tops the list for most water usage in the country, you ask? Los Angeles County would be it, with an average of 968.1 million gallons of water a day. It also had the highest population for a county in 2015 with 10,170,292 residents.

Roughly 36 percent of households in Todd County, South Dakota, are headed by a woman—the greatest proportion in any county in the country. It also has the highest population of non-Hispanic Native Americans in the country and the lowest median rent for a 3-bedroom in South Dakota ($807 a month).

Welcome to the rabbit hole of county stats.

Via: Route Fifty