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'70s bunker-like house is actually a dream

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Under ground but not underground

If you’re not quite ready to burrow all the way down into the ground in preparation for whatever may ensue in our volatile world in the coming days, weeks, and months, then consider the appeal of this under-ground but not-underground home in McLean, Virginia.

Designed by architect Donald Reed Chandler in 1977, this concrete-block residence is one of the first modern earth-roof and berm houses to be built in the country. While some earth-sheltered homes are built completely into the ground, bermed buildings are instead largely constructed above ground but are protected by dirt that’s been packed against the outside walls. (Kind of like a hobbit home, actually.) Roofs can also be topped with soil and vegetation, like this one, for added protection and insulation.

But aside from its security features, the three-bedroom also boasts a wealth of remarkable architectural elements: Floor-to-ceiling windows, a massive beamed skylight, and fireplace in the great room, maple wood paneling, open-plan layout, large deck—all on 2.59 acres of rolling, wooded land. The property also includes plans to add a wing and additional footage. Located at 1001 Galium Court, it’s yours for $1,300,000.

Via: WowHaus