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This 75-square-foot mobile office offers a coworking alternative

A German firm hopes this scheme will foster better interpersonal interaction on city streets

Coworking is all the rage—though the trend doesn’t come without its issues and challenges. By and large, coworking spaces are airy, open spaces with plenty of square footage and a sleek, glassy look common in new workplace designs. An outlier: This compact, solar-powered, 7-square-meter (about 75 square feet) mobile coworking space by German firm Guerilla Architects, which, if the photos are any indication, seats a maximum of two workers.

The office-on-wheels concept isn’t a brand-new one, but this the first time we’ve seen it deployed as a coworking space. After all, tight quarters are even tighter with a colleague at the next desk. But the architects claim that their mobile prototype, called “der Stadt:Symbiont” could provide an alternative to renting space in traditional studios where rent prices “are rising uncontrolled,” causing a crunch for members of the creative community in cities like Berlin.

Der Stadt:Symbiont comes with a mini kitchen and a small table beside the vehicle’s rear window for eating and people watching. The goal overall, the architects say, is to foster interaction between coworkers and the city at large. Read more on the architects’ site.

Via: Designboom