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Robots built this trippy brick facade


Brick, a material as old as time, may just be the edgiest thing in architecture right now. Earlier this year, we saw Dutch firm MVRDV cover an Amsterdam Chanel boutique with super strong, super rad bricks of glass. And now, Chinese firm Archi-Union Architects has created a brick facade that seems to defy dimension, looking like some mysterious sci-fi force is ripping right through it.

Actually, the bricklaying part was done by robots, which were programmed to precisely position the pieces based on a computer-generated design. The result is an undulating, seemingly pixelated entrance that merges into a field of randomly perforated brickwork.

The interior is a bit more tame. The open-plan space under a wood ceiling and suspended lighting will be used for exhibitions, events, and workshops in the hip West Bund district of Shanghai, where a slew of old industrial buildings have been converted into galleries and cultural facilities.

Via: Dezeen