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Revamped Dropbox office in San Francisco has ‘neighborhoods’ like a city

Rapt Studio created a set of wildly distinct spaces that function as “neighborhoods”

The wacky tech office is a post-millennium cliche. So it should come as no surprise that Dropbox’s new San Francisco HQ has such odd-ball features as a basement karaoke bar, floating balls of moss, and a room covered in Delft-inspired tile.

Designed by the office interior mavens at Rapt Studio, the sprawling 300,000-square-foot space was separated into distinct design chunks or “neighborhoods.” Rapt was inspired by the social topographies of cities to consider each area as a separate stylistic enclave where different departments and temperaments could thrive. Each area has open areas and meeting rooms designed to fit the work and social needs of everyone from collaboration lovers to solitude seekers.

The building’s open, double-height lobby features a wall of mirrors, sculptural benches, and enormous balls of moss suspended from the ceiling.

The “casual karaoke bar” has an eclectic assemblage of couches and chairs—and music instruments—giving it the look and feel of a cool basement recreation room.

The design of the “library” region has rounded corners, a rose-hued carpet, and an enormous wood-laminate desk. A wall treatment at the room’s far end looks like the curling pages of a blank book or a rumpled white theater screen.

The library’s aesthetic was drawn from 1970s Italian cinemas, but the entire building has a spritz of retro flair whether it’s in the rich harvest orange upholstery of a meeting lounge, the low-slung sectionals, or the amoeba-like chairs.

Via: Designboom