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Dreamy geometric home includes studio, clinic in Indonesia

Just look at these photos!

Something as simple as a curved window can add an element of drama or surprise to any home, whether in a compact English flat or a live-work building, like this Jakarta residence and workspace of Indonesian architect Realrich Sjarief.

Called The Guild, the multi-level structure comprises not only the home Sjarief shares with his family, but also a studio for his firm RAW Architecture, a library, and a dental clinic run by his wife. Truly multi-purpose, the building employs circles, arches, and other geometric shapes to create an openness and flow that can be controlled and closed off when necessary.

A high concrete wall encloses the structure whose walls are also made of concrete and are punctuated with large windows that open up to a recessed courtyard. The library is found behind one of the garden walls. The main entrance leads to an open-air corridor separates the studio from the living quarters, which is made up of a living and dining area on the ground floor, while the master suite is one level up and includes a lounge, study, nursery, and prayer room. A stairwell provides Sjarief direct access to the studio, which features a central spiral staircase and a mezzanine level.

Pyramid-like skylights on the roof as well as semi-circular windows and cutouts on the studio floors ensure that light and air are always flowing through the property. "I'm fond of pure geometric shapes and like to modify them to elaborate the form-making in a conventional way, through addition and subtraction," Sjarief tells Dezeen. Take a look below.

Via: Dezeen