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Zaha Hadid-designed Brit Awards trophies are predictably gorgeous

The collection of five statuettes represents diversity

Photo of five slim forms wearing centurion helmets and posed in slightly different ways.
The statuettes take the form of Brittania.
Photos by Luke Hayes via Dezeen

Among many other projects, Zaha Hadid had begun designing a collection of trophies for the annual Brit Awards before her untimely death earlier this year. Maha Kutay, director at Zaha Hadid Design, realized the late architect’s initial vision, and now the final designs have been revealed.

The trophies take the form of Brittania, the female personification of Britain, but rendered more abstract and curved in Hadid’s signature style. Zaha’s team created a family of five statuettes that feature the berobed and helmeted figure in a progression of different poses.

According to Kutay, the series “represents diversity; the family is connected by a wave of transition, they are different yet connected.”

The Brit Awards regularly commissions British artists and designers to reimagine the statuette, which is presented to winners at the ceremony next year. Past years’ trophies have been designed by the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, and Peter Blake.

Photo via the Brit Awards

Via: Dezeen