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All single-decker buses in London will now be emissions free

The buses will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells instead of gas

A single-decker bus in London. All new buses in the English capital will be emissions free, running on hydrogen fuel cells instead of gasoline.
Photo via Flickr

Good news for environmentalists and public transportation advocates: London mayor Sadiq Khan announced today that single-decker buses in the English capital will be emissions-free, beginning, well, right away. Instead of burning traditional sources of power, like gasoline, these buses will run on energy generated by hydrogen fuel cells. Mayor Khan called this a “world first” during a recent event.

The city, Tree Hugger notes, has long been campaigning to reign in air pollutants by investing in alternate modes of transportation, including cycling and hybrid taxis. London’s not alone: Recently, Paris banned vehicular traffic on the Seine’s Right bank to try and curb rising levels of particulates and other pollutants in the city’s air. In Germany, a carbon-emissions-free train is planned. And electric cars continue to garner increased attention—and enthusiasm—in the United States.

Time will tell how such actions will affect London’s immediate pollution struggles, but all signs indicate this kind of action being beneficial. After all, carbon and other gas greenhouse emissions from ground transportation are some of the leading contributors to climate change. Hopefully, more cities—on this side of the pond—will follow suit.