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Lavish treehouse-like home frames knockout natural views in Chile

The 2y House has been more than nine years in the making

Photos by Felipe Diaz Contardo

The dream of living in a luxurious treehouse is alive and well at the enigmatic 2y House in Chile, where architect Sebastian Irarrazaval worked with clients who wanted to ensconce themselves as entirely as possible in the woods near the country’s Lake Colico, some 470 miles south of the capital, Santiago.

The 350-square-meter pad (nearly 3,800 square feet) took more than nine years (!) to reach this state of near-completion, according to Designboom, and today a red-painted-wood exteriors sets the dwelling off from the browns and greens of its sylvan surroundings. Wood-lined interiors (walls, floors, ceilings, custom storage, and all) mark a departure from the glass-and-concrete expanses we’ve spotted in other major works of Chilean residential design.

For their patience, the clients get a finely tuned house built to take advantage of the sun’s movements across the sky, and maximize interior sunlight at all times. They seem to have gotten what they wanted: Photographs show light filtering in through broad windows and dappling the slate floors in the kitchen or the wide planks underfoot in one of the house’s hallways. The house also frames glittering lake views. Not shabby.

Via: Designboom