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Clever apartment fits everything you need in one cube

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Room in a box, redefined

central module in an apartment has furniture stored underneath All images via Ruetemple

In this recent project from playful Moscow architecture firm Ruetemple, the line between architecture and furniture is blurred to impressive effect. The first thing you’ll notice in this revamped 516-square-foot apartment is the cubic central volume, an all-white module that contains a real tree, rocks, and pillows under a skylight. Upon closer inspection, however, it appears that the central hub is much more than the perfect “floating” meditation spot.

Indeed, the space underneath the cube stores a system of modular furniture that can pull out to form a variety of seating schemes, including a sofa for watching TV on one side of the cube and a more traditional living room setup in the main living space. Everything can also tuck back in to form one flush cube, revealing an open area suitable for, say, dance parties or yoga practice. Take a closer look.

Via: ArchDaily