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Ikea’s 3D-knitted armchair is lightweight and durable

It’s part of the Swedish giant’s limited-edition PS collection

A simple armchair with white frame and a snugly fitting mesh material forming the seat, sides, and backrest.
It’s like Nike’s Flyknit shoe in furniture form (sort of).
Photos via Dezeen

As part of its triennial, limited-edition, and often experimental “PS collection,” Ikea has released a 3D-knitted armchair that is both lightweight and durable. Fabricated using a process that, according to Dezeen, is most commonly associated with Nike’s Flyknit line of shoes, the mesh-like material covering the frame of the chair offers flexibility and support without relying on bulky foam.

Because the process relies on computer-operated machines to weave pieces based on a digital design, the manufacturing process becomes more streamlined, and can also be easily integrated into a supplier’s existing operations, explains Sarah Fager, the chair’s designer: “It's a really smart way to produce things, since it's fully automized.”

The chair is available in pink and grey, in either a white or black frame, and will hit stores early next year.

Via: Dezeen