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Incredible full-scale colored pencil rubbings transform NYC apartment

It's the work of artist Do Ho Suh

artist does a full rubbing of his apartment with colored pencils All photos via Designboom

Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh has returned to his Manhattan apartment for a final project: a full-scale rubbing of his home of 18 years, which has previously been the subject of several installations reflecting on identity, memory, and displacement.

This time, Suh is completing a full-on pencil-to-paper rubbing, a process featured in an exclusive new documentary short from nonprofit organization art21, embedded below. He begins by covering every surface of the apartment, from ceilings to door handles and even house keys, in white paper. He then rubs a variety of colored pencils across the paper, preserving all aspects of the apartment, including details like locks and light switches.

As with his other works, Suh’s rubbing project is deeply personal. “The whole process is to remember the space, and also somehow memorialize the space,” Suh says in a statement to Designboom. “My energy has been accumulated, and in a way I think my rubbing shows that. I’m trying to show the layers of time.”

Via: Designboom