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20 gorgeous Christmas trees to inspire you

Instagram has got the goods, per usual

Closeup of bird ornament perched on a frond of a Christmas tree with a bear in the background.
Animals make lovely decorations.
Photo by kennysarmy via Flickr

Once you’ve settled on a fir, a pine, a spruce, a cypress, or a cedar variety (artificial ones are a-okay, too!), there’s also the matter of decorating your Christmas tree—which can be a little intimidating for those without that design-minded eye.

There’s a ton of considerations to make: Should you go with white lights or colorful ones? Pack on the ornaments, or keep the tree bare? Follow a theme, or throw caution to the wind? Color-code or go rogue? Whatever path you take, your tree will be beautiful, festive, and heart-warming on the basis of its presence alone, no matter your level of skill.

Whether you only have room for a spindly one-footer, or are lucky enough to be able to accommodate a towering one, here are 20 glorious trees (plus a bonus!) from interior design professionals, to regular folk to inspire your own decorating endeavors. Spoiler alert: Hygge is real.

  1. Welcome!

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2. Green and red trim make this tree an instant classic.

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3. Fewer ornaments allow your tree to breathe.

4. This one’s even sparser but charming nonetheless, like Charlie Brown’s tree.

5. Hygge AF.

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6. Rose gold accents elevate this tree to new heights.

7. Look at this hefty cutie.

8. Let it snow!

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9. The fuller the better.

10. A strong case for getting an artificial tree.

11. Beribboned and bonny.

12. Just add presents.

13. What’s stopping you from putting a mini tree in your bedroom?

14. Heck, why not make it three?

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15. These paper flowers are so extra, but in the best way.

16. Do I spy a starfish?

17. This tabletop tree is darlin’.

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18. The pink and teal baubles!

19. Sometimes bare is beautiful.

20. The one is drippingly gorgeous. Plus a bird for a topper—brilliant!

Bonus: What are you thoughts on upside-down trees?

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