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Six furniture designers play a game of musical chairs for fashion brand COS

The most stylish round of musical chairs ever played?

A row of six people standing behind six different chairs against a grey background. Each person is wearing a dark, simple outfit.
The designers, all dressed in COS, with their chairs.
Screengrab via COS

Here’s a cute, fun way to combine fashion and furniture. COS, the H&M-owned minimalist retailer—and favorite to design-minded clotheshorses—invited six furniture designers to play a game of musical chairs in celebration of the holiday season and its accompanying party collection.

The short film by Amsterdam-based duo Lernert & Sander features Canadian designer Philippe Malouin, Seungji Mun, founder of Seoul and Copenhagen-based studio Mun, Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, German product designer Tino Seubert, British furniture designer Lucy Kurrein, and Mette Hay, co-founder of Danish design house HAY, each with a chair that they’ve designed.

Philippe Malouin and Lucy Kurrein

A live band provides accompaniment as the group circles around a set of chairs, one fewer than there are people playing. When the music stops, each designer contends for a seat, and the last person standing is eliminated. One more chair is removed after each round, until there is only one (wo)man sitting.

Each chair is simple and minimalist in its own way, and would look right at home in one of COS’ many retail stores. van Aubel’s Well Proven Chair is made from foaming wood, while Hay’s Soft Edge chair was fashioned by molding plywood. Kurrein’s Panel chair features tailored leather on a steel frame, while Malouin, Mun, and Seubert’s chairs are crafted from wood. Which chair will be the one to rule them all? Find out below.

Clockwise: Seungji Mun, Marjan van Aubel, Tino Seubert, and Mette Hay

Via: WWD