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Stunning modern house in Brazil's rain forest has cozy sunken living room, green roof

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Absolutely gorgeous

A boxy concrete home with green roof and a large floor jutting out from underneath with pool on deck nestled deep into the rain forest.
The main floor of the home cantilevers from the side of the mountain.
Photos by Fernando Guerra via Architizer

What brilliant person would have ever thought to place a conversation pit in a house set in the jungle? That would be the folks at Studio MK27, the São Paulo-based firm led by Marcio Kogan behind the Ramp House and a penthouse lined with bookshelves. Though it’s more of a conversation floor than a pit, the effect is the same: It feels cozy, convivial, and, of course, conducive to conversation—even though the space is vast. (Another name for it would be a sunken living room, if we’re getting technical.)

The spare exposed-concrete-and-wood Jungle House, as it’s called, is set against a mountain in the lush rain forest with views of the beach just beyond it. The top floor of the three-story residence cantilevers above the others, holding an expansive deck with a pool and fire pit, the afore-mentioned living area, and the kitchen. On top of that resides a green roof, which serves to further connect the stunning home to the natural world surrounding it.

The children’s room is found on the first floor, which also has a wooden deck, while six other bedrooms, five of which boast small verandas and hammocks, are set on the second along with a den. For a closer look, head to Architizer.

Via: Architizer