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Beauty on the sidewalk: New photos highlight Lisbon storefronts

Portugal’s capital never looked so good

Business owner Antonio Almeida stands in front of his storefront in Lisbon.
Photos by Sebastian Erras

The storefronts of Lisbon, capital of Portugal, got the lensmith treatment thanks to photographer Sebastian Erras, who set out to document the city’s gorgeous, heavily ornamented facades.

Produced in collaboration with Pixartprinting, the series, winkingly titled “Lisbon Re-Tale,” zooms in on 30 places of business, owned by of barbers, jewelers, tailors, restaurant operators, and more, showcasing each in the doorways of their varied establishments.

The whole thing is a feast for the eyes, an explosion of tile typical of the region, carved-stone decorative facade elements, and eye-popping signage, with finely rendered typography of all sorts.

This isn’t the first time the camera-wielding German has set his gimlet eye on a streetscape: In October, we wrote about Erras’s photo series on Paris, which offers a lot in the way of imagination-capturing sidewalk scenes. (Erras has also documented similar scenes in the Italian capital of design, Milan.)

Take a look at some highlights from the Lisbon series below and read more over at Designboom.

Via: Designboom