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Brawny concrete home surprises with bright, warm interiors

Inspired by the principle of universal energy, this minimalist home was carefully designed to work with the flow of its verdant hillside site

concrete hillside home with recessed voids on roof, used as seating areas All photos by Sergio Pirrone via Designboom

When conceiving a hillside home for a small artist community east of Seoul, South Korea, architects and local firm BCHO incorporated an understanding of “Ki”—the flow of life energy in and around all living things. The resulting Tilt Roof House was designed to integrate with the energy of the mountains surrounding it.

In order to minimize excavation and make the home feel like an extension of the landscape, it was built directly into the hillside from reinforced concrete poured in place. The roof flows from the natural terrain, with a tilted triangle-shaped plane and three recessed voids—including two seating areas and a ground-level planted courtyard—sunken into the flat expanse.

The front of the concrete structure is faced in pressure-treated pine stained a deep black. The dark color, strength, and durability of the home’s exterior materials contrast deliciously with its light and warm interior—paneled in yellow birch.

The soft and organic feel of the inside is enhanced by a subtly curving rear wall and rounded corners of the ceiling paneling above the kitchen. The interior courtyard provides natural light and ventilation.

The bedroom is slightly recessed and can be separated from the main living space by a set of sliding doors. Spare furnishings and a distinct lack of clutter render the home an elegant, minimalist retreat.

Via: Designboom