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Gorgeous 1800s mansion becomes sleek offices, apartments in Mexico City

The run-down home is today an impressive mix of old and new

This 19th-century home, once run-down, is today a mixed-use complex in Mexico City’s center. Architects at AT130 gave it a glass top hat to make way for offices and apartments.
Photos by Diana Arnau

Clever renovations continue to hold our attention the world over. You can add this glass-and-steel addition to a 16,000-square-foot 19th-century home in Mexico City’s center to the list of covetable restored and amended properties.

Transformed in a renovation masterminded by local firm AT103, led by architects Francisco Pardo and Julio Amezcua, the run-down historic home—formerly a private home for a single family—today accommodates two restaurants (one French and one Japanese), offices, and upper-floor apartments. According to Designboom, Pardo and Amezcua stress that the building isn’t just meant to be a new hub for dining and high-end living, but also to engage the streetscape around the converted mansion, too.

The interiors are a mix of old and new: plaster, exposed-masonry, and more interplay with new steel (as for the renovated staircase) and new glazing. Take a look around.

An apartment in the upper floors of the newly renovated 19th-century mansion
Inside the interiors of the French restaurant on the lower level of the converted mansion

Via: Designboom